Book Notes

New American Bible by Dr. Harold Attridge et al.

ISBN: 1585166448
Published: 1970
Read: continually

Ignorance of scripture is ignorance of Christ.
-St. Jerome, CCC 133

The word of God is at the basis of all authentic Christian spirituality.
-Verbum Domini, 86

The Bible is the Word of God: “Through divine revelation, God chose to show forth and communicate Himself and the eternal decisions of His will regarding the salvation of men. That is to say, He chose to share with them those divine treasures which totally transcend the understanding of the human mind."1

The New American Bible translation is one of the approved translations as well as the translation used in the mass. The Sunday mass readings are on a three year cycle, and Daily mass readings are on a two year cycle, so through regular mass attendance you will hear a significant portion of the Bible over several years.

My wife and I read the Bible cover to cover (along with the Catechism of the Catholic Church) in 2015 using a reading plan that gave a reading from the Old Testament, Wisdom books, and New Testament for each day. While this was great to do once (and perhaps periodically), since then I have focused on making scripture a regular part of my day. Lately, this means taking time each morning to read a chapter or two from whichever book I am on, followed by a Psalm. I have no particular method for choosing which books to read apart from finding something I want to reflect on or learn more about while making sure I read through the Gospels at least once or more per year. This reading is not focused study, but a continual immersion—this is a way for scripture to become a natural part of who I am. For more detailed study of the scriptures, there are many helpful Church documents and books, among them:

  1. Dei Verbum, 6