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  • Wood used is all scrap: walnut I slabbed last year that was uneven to too small for other projects, a few pieces of ambrosia maple, salvaged construction lumber, and small scraps too small for other projects.
  • I made a jig that clamps to the table saw crosscut sled to cut the hexagons.
    • First, get a piece of wood that is approximately square
    • Make the first 30º cut on the miter saw
    • Cut the remaining edges using the jig on the table saw
  • Sand on the belt sander to get a flat surface (these were pretty rough)
  • Sand to 120 grit
  • 1 light coat of Danish oil on the front and edges
  • The frame these are mounted on consists of 1.25" wide stringers on the diagonal, and two 1x~3 horizontal braces. The stringers are screwed to the braces. The top brace is cut at 45º on the bottom to accept a french cleat for mounting.
  • The hexagons are glued onto the stringers.
  • We will Mod-Podge on a family photo to each state as we visit it!

Created: 2022-08-22-Mon
Updated: 2022-08-22-Mon