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2024-05-27-In Necessity and Sorrow
2024-05-26-CCSS-James, First, Second, and Third John
2024-05-19-New Testament (ESV)
2024-05-11-We Thought We Heard the Angels Sing
2024-05-08-Flying Blind
2024-05-07-The Golden Key
2024-05-04-Saint Vincent Ferrier
2024-04-22-For the Love of Books
2024-03-31-To Sanctify the World
2024-03-31-Sources of Renewal
2024-03-30-Word on Fire Vatican II Collection (Volume 2)
2024-03-30-Word on Fire Vatican II Collection (Volume 1)
2024-03-25-Going Infinite The Rise and Fall of a New Tycoon
2024-02-08-Know Thyself Catholic Classical Education and the Discovery of Self
2024-01-31-Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger
2024-01-23-Purple Hibiscus
2024-01-21-Aperuit Illis
2024-01-20-A Layman's Guide to the Liturgy of the Hours
2024-01-17-Extreme Ownership
2024-01-13-The Divine Office for Dodos
2024-01-11-Highest Duty
2024-01-10-The Chosen
2023-12-31-You Can Understand the Bible
2023-12-20-Hard Landing
2023-12-03-In the Beginning-The Story of the King James Bible
2023-12-01-Why Flying Is Miserable
2023-11-26-The Appalling Strangeness of the Mercy of God
2023-11-14-The Innocence of Father Brown
2023-11-10-Bible Basics for Catholics
2023-11-06-The Great Story of Israel
2023-10-28-Hornblower and the Atropos
2023-10-22-Elon Musk
2023-10-09-Laudate Deum
2023-10-01-Mary's Voice in the Gospel According to John
2023-09-25-The Way of the Disciple
2023-09-03-Lessons in Hope
2023-08-20-Gift and Mystery
2023-08-19-Wiring a House
2023-08-09-Murder in the Cathedral
2023-07-29-The History of Money
2023-07-27-The Everything Store
2023-07-08-The Rose-Bush of a Thousand Years
2023-07-04-Sam Walton-Made in America
2023-07-03-I Don't Have to Make Everything All Better
2023-06-11-Socrates' Children—Ancient Philosophers (Vol. 1)
2023-06-02-Working Backwards
2023-05-24-The Art of Bible Translation
2023-05-13-Bible Translation & the Making of the ESV Catholic Edition
2023-05-06-No-Drama Discipline
2023-04-19-Things Fall Apart
2023-04-06-Life of Christ
2023-03-31-Christianity and Politics
2023-02-27-Introduction to Christianity
2023-02-16-An Introduction to Classical Education
2023-01-31-Verbum Domini
2023-01-25-Christianity and the Crisis of Cultures
2023-01-21-A Church In Crisis
2023-01-07-My Brother the Pope
2023-01-01-Fit for Eternal Life
2022-12-31-The Bible in a Year (with Fr. Mike Schmitz)
2022-12-30-The Fulfillment of All Desire
2022-12-25-Jesus of Nazareth The Infancy Narratives
2022-12-22-The Resurrection of God Incarnate
2022-12-08-Mastering Bitcoin
2022-12-03-Dei Verbum
2022-12-01-2001 A Space Odyssey
2022-11-15-Liturgiam authenticam
2022-11-14-Saint Dominic and the Order of Preachers
2022-11-07-The Hope of Salvation for Infants who Die Without Being Baptized
2022-10-31-The Drama of Atheist Humanism
2022-10-25-Rosarium Virginis Mariae
2022-10-11-The Stick Chair Book
2022-10-08-Diary of an American Exorcist
2022-09-19-In the Eye of the Storm
2022-07-26-The Only Skill that Matters
2022-07-23-Hornblower During the Crisis
2022-07-15-Building A Second Brain
2022-07-03-The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas
2022-07-03-Notre-Dame de Paris
2022-07-01-The End and the Beginning
2022-06-19 Consecration to St. Joseph
2022-06-06-Four Thousand Weeks
2022-05-21-Raven Rock
2022-05-21-Practical Doomsday
2022-05-13-The Omnivore's Dilemma
2022-04-25-In Defense of Food
2022-04-17-Life Out of Death
2022-04-09-How to Destroy Western Civilization
2022-03-19-The Silent Knight
2022-03-17-The Confession of Saint Patrick
2022-03-08-Woke Inc
2022-02-27-Siblings Without Rivalry
2022-02-19-Power Play
2022-02-16-The Periodic Table
2022-02-05-The Mandibles
2022-02-03-Christianity and Culture
2022-01-25-Building a Bridge
2022-01-13-The Shadow of the Wind
2022-01-05-The Ethics of Money Production
2022-01-04-Principles for Dealing with the Changing World Order
2022-01-01-The Abolition of Man
2021-12-20-Blessed Margaret of Castello
2021-12-16-When Money Dies
2021-12-15-The Interstellar Age
2021-12-08-He Leadeth Me
2021-12-01-The Price of Tomorrow
2021-11-30-Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now
2021-11-16-Patris Corde
2021-11-16-Hunt, Gather, Parent
2021-11-14-Things Worth Dying For
2021-11-08-No Rules Rules
2021-10-30-Live Not By Lies
2021-10-22-Seeds of Contemplation
2021-09-16-The Inferno
2021-09-10-The Bomber Mafia
2021-08-30-The Last Thing He Told Me
2021-08-29-The Cathedral Builders
2021-08-28-Notre Dame
2021-08-25-Let Us Dream
2021-08-12-The Premonition
2021-08-12-Summa Theologiae
2021-08-02-Team of Rivals
2021-07-28-My Sisters the Saints
2021-07-27-The Road
2021-07-20-Witness to Hope
2021-07-10-Shadow Divers
2021-07-03-Faith and the Future
2021-06-30-Hornblower and the Hotspur
2021-06-29-Brother Hugo and the Bear
2021-06-22-Antonin Scalia On Faith
2021-06-19 Cribsheet
2021-06-01-How to Talk About Books You Haven't Read
2021-05-05-A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
2021-04-17-Currency Wars
2021-04-16-Business Data Science
2021-04-11-High Output Management
2021-03-21-Why We Drive
2021-03-14-The Bitcoin Standard
2021-03-05-The Deficit Myth
2021-03-03-The Conversation
2021-03-03-Atomic Habits
2021-02-05-Prayer for Beginners
2021-01-27-The Spirit of the Liturgy
2021-01-01-Your Best Year Ever
2021-01-01-Living Forward
2020-12-23-Abandonment to Divine Providence
2020-11-27-Lord of the World
2020-11-20-The Montessori Toddler
2020-11-19-The Hanging God
2020-11-18-After Virtue
2020-11-17-History of the Catholic Church
2020-10-19-Defender of the Realm
2020-10-18-An Exorcist Explains the Demonic
2020-10-09-Free to Focus
2020-09-24-Listen to the Silence
2020-09-17-Pére Jacques
2020-07-31-Story of a Soul
2020-07-03-The Fourth Turning
2020-06-28-Chop Wood Carry Water
2020-05-12-The Black Swan
2020-04-01-Father Elijah
2020-03-30-Forty Dreams of St. John Bosco
2020-03-07-The Minimalist Woodworker
2020-03-01-The Man Who Made Things Out of Trees
2020-02-25-Thinking in Bets
2020-02-23-Good Clean Fun
2020-02-17-On the Incarnation
2020-02-08-Doctors of the Church
2020-01-10-Death Comes for the Archbishop
2020-01-04-The Family & the New Totalitarianism
2020-01-04-A Hobbit, A Wardrobe and a Great War
2019-12-23-Centesimus Annus
2019-12-15-American Caesar
2019-10-03-Autobiography of a Hunted Priest
2019-09-01-Edith Stein Essential Writings
2019-08-15-The Hiding Place
2019-08-06-A Plan of Life
2019-08-01-The Servile State
2019-07-30-Successful Fathers
2019-06-15-The Great Divorce
2019-06-13-The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich
2019-06-05-You Are Not a Gadget
2019-05-30-Man of the House
2019-03-30-Meet the Frugalwoods
2019-03-24-The Hobbit Party
2019-03-10-Lead Yourself First
2019-03-04-The Gift of Failure
2019-02-27-The Gene
2019-02-23-Negotiating Your Salary
2019-02-18-The Red Bandanna
2019-02-18-The Little Oratory
2019-02-12-Real Estate Note Investing
2019-02-09-Digital Minimalism
2019-02-02-Skunk Works
2019-01-24-How To Be Invisible
2019-01-12-The Phoenix Project
2019-01-10-Thomas Aquinas in 90 Minutes
2019-01-10-A Shorter Summa
2019-01-01-The Power of Zero
2018-12-30-The Curmudgeon's Guide to Getting Ahead
2018-12-08-Measure What Matters
2018-11-28-Start Your Own Corporation
2018-11-18-On Tyranny
2018-11-17-The Tech-Wise Family
2018-11-15-50 Money-Saving Tips For Every Landlord
2018-11-14-Barking Up the Wrong Tree
2018-11-12-Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
2018-11-08-The Miracle Morning
2018-10-27-Making Room For God
2018-10-15-The Scarlet Pimpernel
2018-10-14-The Monuments Men
2018-09-21-Loopholes of Real Estate
2018-09-21-Commercial Real Estate Investing
2018-09-13-The Hobbit
2018-09-01-Shop Class as Soulcraft
2018-08-26-The Practice of the Presence of God
2018-08-23-The End of Big
2018-08-20-The Organized Mind
2018-08-04-The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck
2018-07-22-From Islam to Christ
2018-07-21-The Screwtape Letters
2018-07-11-Last Lion—Visions of Glory
2018-06-09-Pirate Hunters
2018-06-05-Make Your Bed
2018-06-04-Endurance, Scott Kelly
2018-05-29-Why Liberalism Failed
2018-05-12-Irish Constitution
2018-04-30-Perfectly Yourself
2018-04-23-A Higher Loyalty
2018-04-22-When Harry Became Sally
2018-04-12-Steal Like an Artist
2018-04-09-Sleeping With Your Smartphone
2018-04-04-The Pleasures of Reading
2018-04-04-Show Your Work
2018-03-26-The Formula
2018-03-23-The Tao of Pooh
2018-03-15-An American Sickness
2018-03-12-A Wrinkle in Time
2018-02-19-Modern Physics and Ancient Faith
2018-02-18-Silence In the Age of Noise
2018-02-17-The Visual Display of Quantitative Information
2018-02-11-Side Hustle
2018-02-04-The Pleasures of Counting
2018-01-15-Leonardo da Vinci
2018-01-01-How Not to Die
2017-12-10-Rich Dad Poor Dad
2017-11-30-Painting as a Pastime
2017-11-01-The Vanishing American Adult
2017-10-13-The World Beyond Your Head
2017-10-04-Till We Have Faces
2017-10-02-The World's Great Catholic Literature
2017-10-01-Life 3.0
2017-09-12-Alone on the Wall
2017-08-31-The Trial & Death of Socrates
2017-08-31-The Shallows
2017-08-20-The Road to Character
2017-08-15-The Sale of a Lifetime
2017-08-13-Poetry as Prayer- Jessica Powers
2017-08-07-Perennial Seller
2017-08-05-Visions of Glory
2017-08-02-The Circle
2017-08-01-Applied Economics
2017-07-25-Alexander Hamilton
2017-07-24-Heart of Darkness
2017-07-19-Writing to Learn
2017-07-10-Into Thin Air
2017-07-04-On Writing
2017-06-22-Salary Tutor
2017-06-21-Never Split the Difference
2017-06-19-Player Piano
2017-06-18-Beyond Band of Brothers
2017-06-10-On Writing Well
2017-06-08-The Magic of Thinking Big
2017-06-06-Conversations with Major Dick Winters
2017-06-01-The Diary of a Country Priest
2017-05-30-Happy City
2017-05-15-Wizard- The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla
2017-04-21-Thank You For Being Late
2017-04-18-The Power of a Half Hour
2017-04-16-The Aviators
2017-03-17-The Benedict Option
2017-03-17-Out of the Ashes
2017-03-15-Strangers in a Strange Land
2017-01-23-Universe of Stone
2017-01-03-The City of God
2017-01-01-So Good They Can’t Ignore You
2016-12-23-Rise of the Robots
2016-12-19-Excellent Sheep
2016-11-30-The Early History of Rome
2016-11-20-The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien
2016-01-15-The Well-Educated Mind
2016-01-14-The Pragmatic Programmer
2016-01-13-The Passionate Programmer
2016-01-12-His Needs, Her Needs
2016-01-11-Deep Work
2016-01-10-For Better
2016-01-09-The Intelligent Investor
2016-01-07-Why Teach
2016-01-06-Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
2016-01-05-Zero to One
2016-01-04-Digital Gold
2016-01-03-A Curious Mind
2016-01-02-Rumsfeld's Rules
2016-01-01-The Coldest Winter
2015-12-31-The Pillars of the Earth
2015-08-01-Capital in the Twenty First Century
2015-07-11-The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic
2015-07-11-The Defining Decade
2015-07-04-What Is A Man
2015-05-30-Elon Musk
2015-02-08-Love Does
2015-02-08-Catholic Literary Giants
2015-01-18-Physics for Future Presidents
2015-01-17-Wild at Heart
2014-12-27-Peace of Soul
2014-12-20-The Brothers Karamazov
2014-12-10-The Seven Storey Mountain
2014-12-01-The Judge
2014-11-29-The Prison Angel
2014-11-09-Finding True Happiness
2014-09-06-The Phantom Tollbooth
2014-08-23-Saint Thomas Aquinas
2014-08-07-Finding Darwin’s God
2014-07-27-Camerado, I Give You My Hand
2014-07-22-Structures- Or Why Things Don't Fall Down
2014-06-05-The 48 Laws of Power
2014-05-20-Out of the Silent Planet
2014-04-29-For Better Forever
2014-04-05-Vipers’ Tangle
2014-04-05-The Portal of the Mystery of Hope
2014-04-05-The Great Divorce
2014-03-25-The Wealth of Nations
2014-01-31-The God of Jesus Christ
2014-01-25-The Bottom Billion
2014-01-16-The Other
2013-12-17-The Magician's Nephew
2013-12-17-Change by Design
2013-12-11-Meditations in a Toolshed
2013-12-05-Jesus Shock
2013-12-02-Evangelii Gaudium
2013-11-23-Seven Reasons Why a Scientist Believes in God
2013-10-21-The Four Loves
2013-06-15-The Life You Can Save
2013-06-09-The Varieties of Religious Experience
2013-06-09-Seeking a Center
2013-04-17-The Art of Innovation
2013-04-03-Mere Christianity
2013-03-30-Talent is Overrated
2013-03-13-The Complete Thinker
2012-07-22-The Existential Pleasures of Engineering
2011-11-25-Remaking the World
2011-06-16-Little Women
2011-05-13-The Secret Life of Bees
2011-03-19-The Alchemist
2011-01-01-Doing the Truth in Love
2010-10-27-An Introduction to Catholic Sacramental Theology
2010-07-31-Man's Search For Meaning
2010-07-29-Fahrenheit 451
2010-06-16-United States Catholic Catechism for Adults
2010-06-16-Reasons to Believe
2010-06-07-The Lamb's Supper
2010-06-03-The Screwtape Letters
2010-06-02-A Man For All Seasons
2010-05-31-Rediscovering Catholicism
2010-05-29-A Brief History of Time
2010-05-24-The Golden Sayings of Epictetus
2010-01-01-If You Really Loved Me