Out of the Silent Planet by C. S. Lewis

  • “‘I will tell you. He has left you this one because a bent hnau can do more evil than a broken one. He has only bent you” (139)
  • Warning against colonizing other worlds as a safety against destroying the earth, 139
  • “But already it had become impossible to think of it as ‘space.’ Some moments of cold fear he had; but each time they were shorter and more quickly swallowed up in a sense of awe which made his personal fate seem wholly insignificant. He could not feel that stye were an island of life journeying through and abyss of death. He felt almost the opposite—that life was waiting outside the little iron egg-shell in which they rode, ready at any moment to break in, and that, if it killed them, it would kill them by excel of its vitality.” (146)
  • think of heaven instead of space: “If we could even effect in one per cent of our readers a change-over from the conception of Space to the conception of Heaven, we should have made a beginning.” (154)