The Prison Angel by Mary Jordan and Kevin Sullivan

  • She mentioned how drug lords always needed the tv or radio on because in the silence that could hear the truth of what they were doing --> this highlights the importance of making time for silence to listen to Truth
  • “Charity is not a thing you do, it’s love, it’s who you become.” (51)
  • when she saw people wearing mink fur —> “‘Don’t you know you’re wearing a hospital around your neck?’” (57)
  • “When you know in your heart that something is right, that it’s who you are, that God is calling you to do something, you make the sacrifices you have to make.” (75)
  • “It’s not learning that brings you to perfection, it’s unlearning.” (83)
  • “If fear dictated her actions, she never would have moved into La Mesa.” (164)