Rumsfeld's Rules

  • When at the bottom, learn from those at the top
  • Who you work with is often more important than where you work
  • Chapter 2 is about running good meetings

You Can't Predict the Hero by Joe Grano

  • Near the end of chapter 1 he talks about how any success comes with selfish goals with resort to time spent with family vs time spent working...makes me think about priorities and how I should choose family
  • Problems require solutions, not scapegoats
    • The best way to overcome bureaucratic problems is to keep on excelling and proving yourself
  • Be the eternal optimist
  • Reconcile yourself to selfishness
    • People need to be incentivized effectively
  • You can't predict the hero
  • People do what you pay them to do (incentives)
  • Humanity is more important than hierarchy
  • One of the biggest lessons from the 2008 financial crisis is that there is no security without liquidity