Sleeping With Your Smartphone by Leslie A. Perlow


How to Break the 24/7 Habit and Change the Way you Work: all about her work with BCG to implement PTO to bring more predictability and work-life balance to their crazy consulting schedules.


  • this book shares the BCG story and is a guide for implementing PTO in your organization
  • "The Cycle of Responsiveness": always on leads to expectation to be always on in vicious cycle --> you need to set expectations
  • PTO = predictability + teaming + open communication

Part I: How A Team Turns Off

  • started with one predictable night off per week
  • reinstated the "Pulse check"
    • How are you feeling?
    • How much value are we delivering to the client?
    • How satisfied are you with your learning?
    • Is the current operating model sustainable for you?
  • PTO: Collective goal of predicable time off + Structured dialogue = Better work and better lives
    1. Collective goal must be:
    • Personally valued by everyone
    • Doable but still a stretch
    • Collective and shared
    • Requires integrative thinking
    • A means, not just an end
    1. Structured dialogue
  • Chapter 5: writing a daily update to a team blog makes you think twice about what you to do make sure it is value added

Part II: The Magic of the Process

Part III: Getting Started On Your Team

  • the team leader's role is critical: they must be on board and read this to be successful (naturally)
  • gives example slides and meeting agenda for introducing this to a team

Part IV: From Team to Organization

  • have organizational "PTO facilitators"