Endurance by Scott Kelly

(New York: Knopf, 2017), 400

Ch 5

  • He read The Right Stuff in college which gave him the kick in the pants to become an astronaut.
  • He also read the book about Earnest Shackleton's ~Endurance and brought it to ISS with him and read from it when he needed solace
  • Terry Virts is "one of the small handful of vocally religious astronauts"

Ch 7

  • Former Catholics: he was raised Catholic, but his parents let him choose at some point as a kid if he wanted to keep going to Sunday school and he said no.

Ch 14

  • "My approach to an unwanted assignment was always to express my misgivings and my preferences, but then if I was still asked to take the hard job I would work my best to make it a success."

Topic: Exploration