The End of Big: How the Digital Revolution Makes David the New Goliath by Nicco Mele

(New York: Picador, 2014), 352

We shall not understand what a book is, and why a book has the value many persons have, and is even less replaceable than a person, if we forget how important to it is its body, the building that has been built to hold its lines of language safely together through many adventures and a long time. Words on a screen have visual qualities, to be sure, and these darkly limn their shape, but they have no materiality, they are only shadows, and when the light shifts they'll be gone. Off the screen they do not exist as words. They do not wait to be reseen, reread; they only wait to be remade, relit.
Gutenberg's Triumph: An Essay in Defense of the Book by William H. Gass

Chapter 1

  • Technology is not value neutral
  • Neil Postman: techbopoly
  • Nerd disease: tech people making things overly complicated for their benefit. The reality is that most of technology is not (or need not be) that complicated.

Chapter 2

  • Everyone can create their own news

Chapter 7