Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth by T. Harv Eker

(New York: Harper, 2005), 210

Part 1

  • understand how you were raised to think about money ("wealth blueprint") and detach from that if necessary to realize that you can change your approach. We tend to return to what we are comfortable with
  • “no thought lives in your mind rent-free”

Part 2

  • rich people believe that they create their life; they are not victims
  • rich people play the money game to win (abundance) rather than to just survive (security)...being rich by choosing a dish based on what you want rather than the price
  • rich people are committed to being rich (this is where books like this lose me because I will not commit to working “16 hour days 7 days a week and not seeing my family and friends”
  • rich people think big; you get paid according to value with has for factors: supply, demand, quality, quantity
  • rich people focus on opportunities: if you want to learn a business get into it
  • rich people admire rather than resent other rich people
  • rich people associate with other rich and successful people
  • rich people are able to promote themselves and their value
  • rich people are bigger than their problems
  • rich people are good receivers
  • rich people get paid on results rather than time (and generally own their own company)
  • rich people think “both” rather than “either or”
  • rich people focus on net worth rather than working income: income, savings, investments, simplification
  • rich people manage their money well; 10% after tax into financial freedom fund; 10% into play account; 10% long term, 10% education, 50% necessities, 10% give
  • rich people have their money work hard for them (instead of working for money; working hard alone will never make you rich)
  • rich people act in spite of fear; you only grow when you are uncomfortable so learn continually