Barking Up the Wrong Tree: The Surprising Science Behind Why Everything You Know About Success Is (Mostly) Wrong by Eric Barker

(New York: HarperCollins, 2017), 268

Chapter 1 - Should we play it safe?

Chapter 2 - Nice guys?

  • strategy:
    • don't be envious (most of life isn't zero-sum)
    • don't be the first to defect
    • reciprocate both cooperation and defection
    • don't be too clever
  • pick the right pond
  • cooperate first
  • being selfless isn't saintly, it's silly
  • work hard, but make sure it gets noticed
  • think long term and make others think long term
  • forgive

Chapter 3 - Quitting?

  • do you know what you need to be gritty at?
  • are you optimistic?
  • do you have a meaningful story?
  • have you made it a game?
  • you are a grid machine
  • play the "little bets"

Chapter 4 - Who you know

  • know who you are
  • in the end, it's all about friendship
  • the most successful are always getting and giving
  • your network influences you, like it or not; make sure it's a good one

Chapter 5 - Believe in yourself

  • believing in yourself is nice; forgiving yourself is better
  • adjust for your natural level of self-esteem
  • if you need more confidence, earn it
  • don't be a faker

Chapter 6 - Work life balance

  • track your time
  • talk to your boss
  • don't use to-do lists, schedule everything (Cal Newport)
  • control your context (environment)
  • end the day right and on time