Measure What Matters by John Doerr

(New York: Penguin, 2018), 287

  • OKRs = Objectives & Key Results
    • "what" and "how"
    • reviewed quarterly
    • public and transparent
    • bottom-up or sideways (50%)
    • mostly divorced from compensation
    • aggressive and aspirational
  • Example OKR:
    • Objective: Demonstrate the 8080's superior performance as compared to the Motorola 6800
    • Key Results:
      • Deliver five benchmarks.
      • Develop a demo.
      • Develop sales training materials for the field force.
      • Call on three customers to prove the material works.
  • Four OKR Superpowers:
    1. Focus and Commit to Priorities
    2. Align and Connect for Teamwork
    3. Track for Accountability
    4. Stretch for Amazing
  • CFRs = Conversation, Feedback, and Recognition for continuous performance management
  • Andy Grove taught Doerr OKRs at Intel and he has been an OKR evangelist since

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