How to Be Invisible: Protect Your Home, Your Children, Your Assets, and Your Life by J. J. Luna

(New York: St. Martin's, 2012), 294

  • with enough money, anyone can track you, so your goal is to make it harder and more expensive (5)
  • the four levels of invisibility (6)
  • Chapter 2 - Separate your name from your home address

    • lots of discussion about mail fraud

  • Chapter 3 - Lies

    • “A lie is a false statement made by one to another, who is entitled to hear and know the truth, and which a false statement tends toward injury to the other” (32)

    • you can/should not lie to authorities but there is nothing wrong with withholding information or providing incorrect information to those without a need to know

  • Chapter 4 - Mailboxes

    • get a PO Box

  • Chapter 5 - Ghost address
  • Chapter 8 - DOB and SSN

    • never give your DOB

    • info about ssn (81)

    • basically, don’t give the info and if they ask say you don’t provide it or ask why they need it

    • always use your passport for ID instead of driver license since t does not have your address

    • he recommends against obtaining credit

  • Chapter 9 - Names and Signatues

    • have an alternate, illegible signature

    • have an alternate name (pen name) that is common

  • Chapter 12 - email and the Internet

    • “never forget that the Internet is a mysterious and highly dangerous place” (134)

    • choose one strong password and use a part of the service name to make it unique (140)

  • “ can shoot for $100,000 a year. That will be sufficient to live a simple, debt-free life.” (253)
  • Books he recommends

    • How to Disappear by Frank Ahearn

    • anything by Kevin Mitnick

    • Social Engineering by Christopher Hadnagy

Topic: Internet Privacy