A Plan of Life by Joseph M. Muntadas, St. Josemaría Escrivá

(Strongsville: Scepter, 1977), 23

  • The Morning OfferingThe Morning Offering
    • Begin our day with a “Hello, Lord”
  • Mental Prayer
    • "In addition to the gospels, books to aid meditation include The Imitation of Christ and St. Josemaria’s The Way, Furrow, and The Forge."
  • Holy Mass
    • be present
    • have a dignified posture and alert mind and heart full of love
  • Spiritual Reading
    • “spiritual reading has made many saints.”
  • Visit the Blessed Sacrament
    • "If we are striving to live the reality present in the tabernacle, and our hearts are not asleep, we will not be able to pass a tabernacle where Jesus awaits us without stopping."
    • "Church steeples do more than hold up the bells and the clock; they draw our attention to the Blessed Sacrament itself."
  • Our Lady
    • St. Josemaria: “Do you want to love our Lady? Well, then, get to know her. How? By praying her rosary well.”
    • "The rosary is the life of Jesus, related by the Blessed Virgin and contemplated by us."
    • Paul VI has written: “Your rosary is a stairway; you ascend it together, step by step, approaching our Lady, which means meeting Christ.”
  • Examination of Conscience
    • “Whoever does not repair the leak will eventually have to repair the whole house.”
    • Keep a log of your examination of conscience to see the "leaks" in your life
  • Frequent Confession
    • not mentioned, but I like the metaphor of brushing and getting your teeth cleaned for confession. Even when we are brushing twice daily (spiritual practices) we go in and get our teeth cleaned by an expert (confession) at least every 6 months
    • "With [confession] proper self-knowledge is increased, Christian humility grows, bad habits are rooted out, lukewarmness and spiritual laziness are confronted, the conscience is purified, the will is strengthened, a healthy spiritual direction is received, and the grace of God is increased in virtue of the sacrament."
    • Necessary for a good confession:
      • examination of conscience
      • sorrow for our sins
      • purpose of amendment
      • confession of our sins
      • fulfillment of the penance imposed by the priest
  • Throughout the Day
    • Presence of God: God remains always in our thoughts
    • Consideration of our divine filiation: we are daughters and sons of God
    • Work: make your work important
    • Cheerfulness: supernatural happiness that comes from abandoning everything, including yourself, into the loving arms of our Father, God

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