Walking: One Step At a Time by Erling Kagge

(New York: Pantheon, 2019), 192

  • Walking and silence belong together. Silence is as abstract as walking is concrete.” (8)
  • "Life is prolonged when you walk. Walking expands time rather than collapsing it." (17)
  • Comfortable: "Making things a little bit inconvenient gives my life an extra dimension." (18)
  • "I was curious and asked Yacoub what he had learned from studying thousands of beating human hearts. Yacoub replied, without much ado: 'Go for a walk every day.'" (84)
  • Kierkegaard: "I have walked myself into my best thoughts." (86)
  • “To take walks in fair weather alone—remaining indoors during wind, rain or snow—is to forgo half of the experience. Maybe even the better half...Our need for comfort not only implies that we avoid uncomfortable experiences but it also means that we lose out on many good ones.” (96-97)

Topic: Walking

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