The Family & the New Totalitarianism by Michael D. O'Brien

(Belmont, NC: Wiseblood, 2019), 248

Books mentioned:

  • Baltimore Catechism (104)
  • Faith and Life series by Ignatius Press (106)
  • Catechism of the Catholic Church
  • The Crisis of Western Education by Christopher Dawson (124)
  • ~Democracy in America (157)
  • The Abolition of Man by C. S. Lewis (162)
  • Veritatis Splendor
  • Familiaris Consortio
  • Evangelium Vitae
  • Christianity and the Crisis of Cultures by Joseph Ratzinger
  • "God's strength is to be found in weakness" (19)
  • "The Church and the family will remain" (24)
  • Four tasks for the family (27)
    • forming a community of persons
    • serving life
    • participating in the development of society
    • sharing in the life and mission of the Church
  • "Neither optimism nor pessimism are Christian viewpoints, for the Christian is ultimately a realist." (28)
  • "Education is the arena where the interests of the State and Family overlap, and also where their interest are most likely to conflict." (55)
  • "By attempting to make the mysterious understandable he robs the child's world of mystery, and makes it not quite so interesting to search for the meaning of things." (117)
  • "The restoration of culture depends upon the restoration of divine order to human affairs." (136)
  • John Paul II: "I would a thousand times rather have a persecuted Church than a compromised Church." (145)
  • "Unless one is grounded in absolutes, it is very difficult to see the gradual shifting of the center." (224)
  • "The lay person's foremost responsibility in the restoration is to pray persistently for our bishops. This prayer must be backed up by fasting and sacrifice." (236)

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