Listen To The Silence: A Retreat With Père Jacques by Pére Jacques, translated by Francis J. Murphy

(Washington: ICS Publications, 1943/2005), 113

  • see Conference 8 on Silence especially
  • Pére Jacques' prayer (84-85) (short): "O God, I wish to be fully what I am."
  • Pére Jacques' prayer (84-85) (long): "O God, I wish to be just what I am for as long as you so will; I am aware of an evil strain deep within me. That strain spawn egotism, infidelity and hostility, leading to moodiness, laziness, and self-indulgence. I wish to be fully what I am. For, I know that you are all powerful and could change me in an instant. yet, at the same time, you are infinitely loving and offer me whatever is for my best. I have total trust in you. you are all powerful and you love me! Amen."



  • Biography of Pére Jacques: Pére Jacques: Resplendent in Victory by Francis J. Murphy
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