Hornblower and the Hotspur by C.S. Forester

(New York: Little Brown, 1962), 394

  • "But remember this. You'll find it hard to perform your duty unless you risk your ship. There's folly and there's foolhardiness on one side, and there's daring and calculation on the other. Make the right choice, and Ill see you through any trouble that may ensue." (14)
  • "He was going to be a father. For the life of him he could not tell if he were pleased or not." (134)
  • "It called for some good fortune, and it would call for resolution and promptitude of action, but those were accessory ingredients in every plan." (176)
  • "Responsibility was the air he breathed; he could no more bring himself to evade it than he could hold his breath indefinitely." (245-246)
  • the phrase Mental Model on page 274
  • "It was all wrong, in Maria's mind, that a father should be afflicted by his child's tantrums." (308)
  • "If by some chance his deeds did not speak for themselves he could never speak for them." (330)

Topic: Hornblower Series (#3)

New Words

  • invigilation: diligent watching (126)

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