The Life of Blessed Margaret of Castello: 1287-1320 by Fr. William R. Bonniwell, O.P.

The life of St. Margaret of Castello, canonized April 24, 2021, feast is April 13.

(Charlotte: TAN, 1952), 114

  • Preface: we need to refocus on the saints as our heroes rather than the modern secular heroes we have taken (v)
  • "The great masters of the life of the Spirit have known and written for ages that one of the first consequences of the loss of personal focus on God and the things of God is the failure to pray" (v)
  • Margaret is a reminder of The Good Life: "a life received from God, and so shared with Him, first of all, and then with each other." (vii)
  • Margaret is an ideal "patroness of the unwanted"
  • "The brutal monsters depicted by Dante Alighieri in the 2021-09-16-The Inferno were not figments of the poet's imagination but real persons who lived in the second half of the thirteenth and the first part of the fourteenth century." (xi)
  • Margaret's Spiritual Disciplines: daily recite the 150 Psalms (knowledge of which came to her miraculously after she was confirmed as a Dominican), the Office of the Blessed Virgin, the Office of the Holy Cross, meditated rather than going back to sleep after midnight prayers, talk about St. Joseph as long as anyone remained to listen (70+)
  • St. Dominic was "an assiduous reader of the epistles of St. Paul, and as a result was strongly influenced by the Apostle's insistence on the necessity of mortification." (70)

Source: St. Patrick Church

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