The Divine Comedy

Paradiso by Dante Alighieri

translated by Robert & Jean Hollander

(New York: Anchor/Penguin, 1320/2007), 938

Paradiso Canto 1

The glory of Him who moves all things1
pervades the universe and shines
in one part more and in another less.
Paradiso Canto 1. 1-3

As I gazed on her, I was changed within
Paradiso Canto 1. 67

Paradiso Canto 2

to reach for angels' bread, which gives us life on earth,
yet never leaves us satisfied
Paradiso Canto 2. 11-12

I shall now reshape your intellect,
thus deprived, with a light so vibrant
that your mind will quiver at the sight.
Paradiso Canto 2. 109-111


Observe well how I pass along this way
to the truth you seek, so that in time
you may know how to ford the stream alone.
Paradiso Canto 2. 124-126

Paradiso Canto 3

for the true light that brings them peace
does not allow their steps to stray
Paradiso Canto 3. 32-33

Heavenly satisfaction:

Brother, the power of love subdues our will
so that we long for only what we have
and thirst for nothing else
And in His will is our peace.2
Paradiso Canto 3. 70-72, 85

Paradiso Canto 4

Assuredly I have set it firmly in your mind
that a soul in bliss could never tell a lie,
since it is always near the primal Truth.
Paradiso Canto 4. 94-96

I now see clearly that our intellect
cannot be satisfied until that truth enlighten it
beyond whose boundary no further truth extends.
Paradiso Canto 4. 124-126

Paradiso Canto 5


fix it in your memory, for to hear
and not remember does not lead to knowledge
Paradiso Canto 5. 41-42

Scripture and Tradition:

You have the Testaments, both New and Old,
and the shepherd of the Church to guide you.
Let these suffice for your salvation.
Paradiso Canto 5. 76-78

Paradiso Canto 6

Historical revisionism:

Many a time have children wept
for the father's sin, and let him not think
that God will change His ensign for those lilies.
Paradiso Canto 6. 109-111

Diversity of thought:

Differing voices make sweet music.
Just so our differing ranks in this our life
create sweet harmony among these wheels.
Paradiso Canto 6. 124-126

Paradiso Canto 7

Sin alone is what enslaves him
Paradiso Canto 7. 79

Paradiso Canto 8

Now what was behind you is before you.
Paradiso Canto 8. 136

Paradiso Canto 9

God sees all, and your sight is so in-Himmed
Paradiso Canto 9. 73

Paradiso Canto 10

Interpretability of Nature:

[God] made with such order all things that revolve
that he who studies it, in mind and in space,
cannot but taste of Him.
Paradiso Canto 10. 4-6

Paradiso Canto 11

Now think what kind of man it took
to be a fit companion to maintain
the steadfast course of Peter's bark upon the sea
Paradiso Canto 11. 118-120

Paradiso Canto 12

Nothing is worthy to rhyme with Christ:

He seemed indeed a messenger and intimate of Christ,
since the first love made manifest in him
was for the initial precept taught by Christ
Paradiso Canto 12. 73-75

Paradiso Canto 13

Let the people, then, not be too certain
in their judgments, like those that harvest in their minds
corn still in the field before it ripens.
Paradiso Canto 13. 130-132

Paradiso Canto 14

St. Thomas Aquinas:

He seeks the root of still another truth
Paradiso Canto 14. 12

The Trinity (single Substance, two Natures, three Persons):

That ever-living One and Two and Three
who reigns forever in Three and Two and One
Paradiso Canto 14. 28-29

Paradiso Canto 15

words so profound I could not understand them
Paradiso Canto 15. 39

Paradiso Canto 16

Our affections are ephemeral
Paradiso Canto 16. 3


It is more modest to be silent than to speak
Paradiso Canto 16. 45

Paradiso Canto 17


The point that holds all time
Paradiso Canto 17. 16

The arrow one expects comes slower
Paradiso Canto 17. 27

Paradiso Canto 18

Beatrice, but also Mary:

That lady, who was leading me to God
Paradiso Canto 18. 4


From feeling more delight in doing good
a man becomes aware from day to day
of his increasing virtue.
Paradiso Canto 18. 58-60

Paradiso Canto 19

And thus it is clear that every lesser nature
is too small a vessel for that goodness
which has no limit, which is measured by itself alone.
Paradiso Canto 19. 49-51


There they shall see the sorrow brought upon the Seine
by one who falsifies his country's coin
and who will die assaulted by a boar.
Paradiso Canto 19. 118-120

Paradiso Canto 20

The sky, lit up before by him alone,
suddenly sparkles with a multitude of lights
which all reflect as single one.
Paradiso Canto 20. 4-6

Such did that image seem to me, the very imprint
of the eternal Beauty, by whose will
all things become that which they truly are
Paradiso Canto 20. 76-78

In this good is our good perfected,
for that which God wills we will too
Paradiso Canto 20. 137-138

Paradiso Canto 21

O patience, what a heavy load you bear!
Paradiso Canto 21. 135

Paradiso Canto 22

The flesh of mortals is so weak and dissolute
that good beginnings go astray down there, undone
before the newly planted oak can bring forth acorns
Paradiso Canto 22. 85-87

Paradiso Canto 23

Open your eyes and see me as I am
Paradiso Canto 23. 46

Regina Caeli:

Then they remained there in my sight,
singing Regina celi with such sweetness
that my feeling of delight has never left me.
Paradiso Canto 23. 127-129

Paradiso Canto 24


For the world to have turned to Christ,
I said, without miracles, that indeed was one
to outdo all others more than hundredfold.
Paradiso Canto 24. 106-108

Paradiso Canto 25

Video: "Virtue forges a certain and sure connection between us and our final end"

Hope, I said, is the certain expectation
of future glory, springing
from heavenly grace and merit we have won.
Paradiso Canto 25. 67-69

Paradiso Canto 26

I love the leaves with which the garden
of the eternal Gardener is in leaf
in measure of the good He has bestowed on them.
Paradiso Canto 26. 64-66

Paradiso Canto 27

To the Father, to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost,
glory, cried all the souls of Paradise,
and I became drunk on the sweetness of their song.
Paradiso Canto 27. 1-3

Corrupt popes, cf. Mt-07:

Ravenous wolves in shepherds' clothing
can be seen, from here above, in every pasture.
O God our defender, why do you not act?
Paradiso Canto 27. 55-57

Paradiso Canto 28

Understand its motion is so swift
because it is spurred on by flaming love.
Paradiso Canto 28. 44-45

Paradiso Canto 29

See now the height and breadth of the Eternal Worth,
one light, which shines dispersed among
so many mirrors yet remains
in Itself one, just as It was before.
Paradiso Canto 29. 142-145

Paradiso Canto 30

The beauty that I saw transcends
all thought of beauty, and I must believe
that only its maker may savor it all.
Paradiso Canto 30. 19-21

Paradiso Canto 31

Let your sight fly through this garden,
for seeing it will help prepare your eyes
to rise, along the beam of holy light.
Rather to the highest circles raise your eyes
so that you may behold the queen enthroned,
her to whom this realm is subject and devout.
Paradiso Canto 31. 97-99, 115-117

Paradiso Canto 32

In this case, let the fact suffice
Paradiso Canto 32. 66

Paradiso Canto 33

Your womb relit the flame of love
Paradiso Canto 33. 7

Here my exalted vision lost its power.
But now my will and my desire, like wheels revolving
with an even motion, were turning with
the Love that moves the sun and all the other stars.
Paradiso Canto 33. 143-145

Source: 100 Days of Dante

New Words

  • appurtenance: That which belongs to something else; an adjunct; an appendage; an accessory (12)
  • otoise: Lazy; indolent (101)
  • viands: choice or delicious dish (101)
  • munificence: Means of defense; fortification (459, 855)
  • effulgence: extreme brilliancy; a flood of light (547)

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  1. cf. Aristotle's "unmoved mover" 

  2. cf. ~Confessions XIII.9: "Our peace lies in willing the good."