Life Out Of Death: Meditations on the Paschal Mystery by Hans Urs von Balthasar

(San Francisco: Ignatius, 1997/2012), 90

  • The contradiction of our nature is that we seek to create something permanent out of the transitory: "Man wants to create something permanent...the longing in man goes farther." (15-16)
    • Jesus exhibits this contradiction also (36)
  • "Great works of art prove that those who create have not lost the courage to fight against transitoriness." (18)
  • "Everyone who wants to achieve something definitive in his life needs to give himself." (23)
  • Focus: "In choosing one reality instead of a thousand possibilities lies not only the seriousness, but also the dignity of life." (25)
  • "[Christ's] loving obedience to the Father is deeper and more final than any rebellion of sin can ever be." (35)
  • "Christ has transferred all of his achievement eucharistically into us." (39)
  • "Nothing that has ever been done or suffered in true self-abandonment will be lost." (42)
  • Christ gives us new life, but it "remains a life out of death, a life characterized by its passing through death." (52)
    • "The one who was to receive power and judgment over the living and the dead needed to have come to know all the states of human life, including that of being dead." (53)
  • "In the risen Christ, the God in him appears at his most divine, and the ma in him at his most human ,yet both inseparably one." (59)
  • "In Confession, the sinner, who is dead to God, is restored to a life by God and for God by the Lord who has risen from the sinners' death." (64)
  • "Because Jesus died not only his personal death, but the death for all sinners and thus the death of all, he has incorporated universal death into his personal aliveness." (69)
  • "Jesus Christ can imprint onto worldly death something of the trinitarian life of self-abandonment." (71)
  • Mission requires a double death: death to self, and martyrdom (75)
  • "Put to death therefore what is earthly in you and do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus." (79)
  • "One possesses only in order to give and is enriched that way." (87)

Topic: Death, Jesus Christ

Source: Vision class

New Words

  • theanthropic: Partaking of, or combining, both divinity and humanity. (38)
  • effusion: The act of pouring out; as, effusion of water, of blood, of grace, of words (55)

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