Diary of an American Exorcist by Fr. Stephen Rossetti

(Manchester: Sophia, 2021), 304

  • Rite of Exorcism (7)
    • In nomine Domini nostri Iesu Christi eradicare et effugare ab hoc plasmate Dei.
    • In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ: be uprooted and be put to flight from this creature of God.
  • There are no friendships in Hell (11)
  • "We exorcist priests typically go to Confession weekly, say the Divine Office with devotion, do more than one daily holy hour, and are scrupulously obedient to our superiors and to the Church. (27)
  • Spiritual sensitives, cf. Occult Phenomena by Alois Wiesinger, O.C.S.O. bib
  • Parents have authority over their children to bless them and to command demons to leave them (91-92)
  • There are no friendships in hell (93)
  • There are two Rites of Exorcism (115):
    • The Latin 1614 Rite of Exorcism
    • The 1999 post-Vatican II Rite of Exorcism (fewer imperative prayers and more of a renewal of the sacrament of Baptism)
  • Defeat our fear by commending it to the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts (109)
  • St. Gemma Galgani's guardian angel got her coffee after a particularly rough night with demons (116, cf. Diary of Saint Gemma Galgani of Monday, August 20, 1900 bib)
  • When we curse others, it is first we ourselves who suffer. On the other hand, when we bless our enemies and those who persecute us, it is we who are liberated and at peace. (118)
  • "The afflicted people need not become great saints to be liberated, but the deep ruts in their souls caused by evil practices must slowly be filled in with grace." (141)
  • An exorcist priest may experience moderate suffering while working to exorcise someone, but this can be helpful to correctly identify the problem, give the priest information about the nature of the demons, and can be fruitful in the final spiritual liberation of the person (145)
  • No need to fear demons: they can do only what God allows them to, and we must place our trust in God (147)
  • Laity have authority over their own bodies and can command demons to leave them in Jesus' name: "I renounce any evil spirits of depression, and, in Jesus' name, I command them to leave." (151)
  • With respect to all "mystical healing" remedies: "If it doesn't directly involve God, then the only other option is Satan's power." (153)
  • Fr. Chad Ripperger estimates that 25% of Americans suffer from demonic obsessions (177)
  • "Satan and his demons are especially effective in today's world because many do not believe in their existence or their activity in our world." (192)
  • Strong weapons: the Holy Rosary, pious reception of Holy Communion, and Deliverance Prayers (195-196)
  • Prayer to St. Joseph, terror of demons (200, cf. Consecration to St. Joseph)
  • Fr. Gabriele Amorth: 90% of possessions come from curses (241)
  • "Individuals have authority over their own bodies and thus can pray directly to have a curse over themselves lifted." (243)
  • The best antidote to demonic discord is prayer and communication (259)
  • “It is commonly know. [even among non-Catholics] that if you have problems with demons, you call a Catholic priest” (264, cf. Lk-09: "He summoned the Twelve and gave them power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases")
  • "Dicas mihi nomen tuum": tell me your name (267)
  • "Exorcisms regularly affirm what our faith teaches" (277)
  • "The gospel itself should not be so comfortable that we are completely at ease with it. For example, I cannot fathom an eternity in Hell, but Jesus says it is real. Also, I have difficulty accepting the notion of spiritual beings completely given over to evil, and yet Satan and his demons exist. When I stand in the same room and face them, their raging murderous evil is very real and very disturbing. Facing evil should be disturbing." (280)
  • More resources at catholicexorcism.org (282)

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