Saint Dominic and the Order of Preachers by Simon Tugwell, O.P.

(Dublin: Dominican Publications, 2000), 48

  • "St. Dominic was one of the coy saints. When he died in 1221, the Order of Preachers buried him, sadly and affectionately, and then got on with the job he had given them." (4)
  • What he wanted was to preach the gospel where it was needed most, in whatever way would make it most effective. (7)
  • The world always has issues, and this is always true: "What was urgently needed was for the church to show that the religious aspirations of the people could be met within the church, and to proclaim in an informed and sensitive way the genuine gospel of Christ." (9)
  • Dante describes Dominic as "the boyfriend of the Christian faith" (10)
  • Dominic focused on poverty and chastity to be free to devote himself wholeheartedly to the gospel (11)
  • During a famine he sold his beloved books and furniture to establish a provision of food for the starving (14)
  • Dominic realized that you must refute heresy by argument and ensure that Catholics have an informed faith with which to resist the allure of false doctrine (24)
  • Dominic embraced radical poverty by renouncing all financial security for his communities (26)
  • One miracle: burst into fluent German to speak with some pilgrims (30)
  • Dominic "had a profound trust in God's providence, and never confused God's will with his own" (31)
  • Dominic told his brethren that they should always be speaking either about God or to God (44)
  • Dominic would spend most of the night in prayer (44)
  • Dominic was devoted to The Bible and always carried St. Matthew's gospel and the epistles of St. Paul with him (45)
  • As he lay dying: "I shall be more useful to you where I am going." (45)

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  • Potentate: One who is potent; one who possesses great power or sway; a prince, sovereign, or monarch. (11)

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