An Introduction to Classical Education by Christopher Perrin

(Harrisburgh: Classical Academic Press, 2004), 45

  • Education is cultural transmission
  • Classical education goes back to the well-walked path of the tried and proven
  • Classical Education is the authoritative, traditional, and enduring form of education, begun by the Greeks and Romans, developed through history, and now being renewed and recovered in the 21st century.
  • Education is the making of a man, not the training of a man to do things
  • Horace Mann and John Dewey are fathers of progressive education and "learn by doing"
  • Learn Latin: enhance English vocabulary, understand grammar, gateway to Romance languages
  • Trivium:
    1. Break it down to fundamentals and master these
    2. Study the relationships of these fundamentals
    3. Write and speak clearly on what has been learned

Parents at classical schools do not assume that education is the school's responsibility. They understand that the school is assisting them to fulfill their responsibility.

Classical education turns out to be, at bottom, the love of our children to whom we give the best we have received.

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