For the Love of Books by Thatcher Wine, Elizabeth Lane

(New York: Gibbs Smith, 2020-06-02), 384

I love books with photos of libraries. What is unique about this book and the work of Juniper Books is how they display artwork across the spines of dust jackets. Some of the libraries of the rich described here are sad (paying them to curate collections of books for their large, empty houses), but some are gorgeous.

  • "Whether we know it or not, we are always telling stories." (15)
  • "The books we keep are so much more than the stories on their pages and the titles on their spines, they are reflections of our choices, our preferences, ourselves." (21)
  • "The books we keep reveal a story that is never-ending, it can constantly be rewritten, edited, and have chapters added, simply by changing the books on the shelf. Whether the books are in our hands or on our shelves, their covers open or shut, they keep on telling stories. And so should we." (22)
  • "The rise of the e-reader did not signal the demise of the printed book, rather it stimulated a newfound appreciation for a five-centuries-old technology that perhaps we had come to take for granted." (36)
  • "Books are so much more than the plotlines mapped out on the pages, they are a way to understand the essence of who we are and then present that vision to the world on our shelves and in our homes." (36)
  • The Book on the Bookshelf by Henry Petroski
  • "How does one dismantle a cutter? Dismantle the books." (75)
  • *The Shallows quoted on 92: "In the quiet spaces opened up by the prolonged, undistracted reading of a book, people made their own associations, drew their own inferences and analogies, fostered their own ideas. They thought deeply as they read deeply."
  • BookCrossing (212)

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