Digitize a Graph

I recently needed to extract data from the screenshot of a graph. The data was provided by a third party in that format so I had to work with what I was given.

Extract with Mac Screen Coordinates

A quick way to extract the data is to use the Mac …

Build Log: Bookshelf

Moving into a new house comes with lots of projects: the most important of which, naturally, involve bookshelves and books. This build log chronicles the design, construction, and expansion of a large bookshelf.


Pinterest is great for seeing lots of ideas for different configurations and construction techniques.

At a …

Travel Map With Basemap

For me 2016 was quite a year for travel: a cross-country road trip, visiting family in Alabama, and a trip to Europe for work. In this example I'll show how to illustrate a year of travel using Python's Basemap library.

Basemap was written by the Jeff Whitaker to visualize weather …