Share Your Work Online

Building a basic website is an important skill for the entrepreneur, employee, and citizen of the Internet. Using these skills to share your work online has benefits to you and others that justify the costs in time and effort required to do so. And sharing from your own domain gives you control over your data and teaches you about how the internet works.

My time spent "learning in public" so far has taught me a lot and also helped out some other like-minded strangers on the internet.1 I hope to share how you can experience this as well.

Analytics Principles

These principles are best practices developed over several years of building analytics tools and delivering analytics projects. These principles are by no means perfect, but if you find yourself violating one of them it is a good opportunity to step back and ask yourself why that is the case and how your process can be improved.

Principles are presented in categories to align with the general delineation of data, analysis, and visualization. However, this distinction is arbitrary and principles may apply to activities in multiple categories.